Aim and Scope

The objectives of IJSINT are to establish a discourse on innovation and sustainable development that will engage policy-makers, government agencies, academic and research institutions and people concerned about the field of ICT and technology to achieve sustainable development. An international dimension is central to the objectives of the journal.

The IJSINT journal issues cover various topics regarding the research, practice, and education in ICT and economic informatics field, like: digital economy, applied informatics in economy, ICT security, information and computer-based systems, education and research in informatics, qualitative and quantitative models applied in computer science.

IJSINT publishes three times per year. The main goal of the journal is to promote high level research papers in the informatics field. The journal welcomes interdisciplinary approaches and the publication of original scientific research papers. The journal grants higher publication priority to the papers that do match the announced topics. Other papers may be accepted and published in the same issue, or in a future issue.

Starting with the first issues of 2011, IJSINT journal aims to move its entire activity to a higher level. The Editorial Board seeks inclusion in the strategy for achieving IJSINTjournal collaboration with as many as possible personalities of the world of science from the country and abroad. The quality of the journal is continuously improved through peer-review of the articles and the comments of the editorial team regarding the content of the paper and the presentation form.

Further increases in quality are intended through a tougher selection of the published papers, applying for indexing at more databases and complying with an international formatting standard.

One of the unique features distinguishing this journal is that IJSINT journal is the main publication on ICT from his region.