Call for papers, July 2016

The International Journal of Science, Innovations and New Technology is published under the auspice of ASET (Albanian Socio-Economic Think Tank: in collaboration with the Department of "Mathematics, Statistics and Applied Informatics", Faculty of Economy, University of Tirana, and the Department of "Computer Science", Faculty of Information Technology, University of Durres, Albania.

The IJSINT issues cover various topics regarding the research, practice, and education in ICT and economic informatics field, like: digital economy, applied informatics in economy, ICT security, information and computer-based systems, education and research in economic informatics, qualitative and quantitative models applied in computer science.

Devoted to theoretical and empirical analysis of innovation and new technology, this peer-reviewed journal acts as a bridge between the contributions of ICT and applied sciences. This bridge is built in two ways. First, by encouraging empirical research and second, by exploring ways of making existing areas of theory testable.

The journal welcomes contributions across a wide range of issues concerned with ICT, innovation and new technology, including: Information System, Data Management, Platforms, e-Science, Communication and Secure Technologies, Education and Learning, Applied Statistics, Mathematics and more.

One of the unique features distinguishing this journal is that IJSINT is the first publication on ICT from his region.

The coming issue is in July, 2016.

All authors before submitting a manuscript for publication must guarantee that the document contains the original work of the authors, has not been published elsewhere and is not under publication consideration elsewhere. In addition, submission of a manuscript implies that the author is prepared to pay the publication fee should the manuscript be accepted.

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